1st International Seferihisar Cittaslow Cartoon Competition 2017, Turkey

Subject: Slow City
1- The competition is open to all cartoonists.
The cartoons submitted to the competition may have been published before, however the submitted drawings shall not been awarded in another competition.
3- The drawing style is free. Every cartoonist can join the competition by maximum 5 works. Original cartoons could be posted or works in .jpg format of 300 dpi suitable for printing would be accepted by e-mail. We are not responsible for works in different file formats or corrupted files.
4- The cartoons shall not exceed 30x40 cm dimensions.
5- The applicants shall write down their name, surname, address, country and phone number at the back of the cartoons. A short CV shall also be added in the same envelope/mail the cartoon is posted.
6- The cartoons shall be delivered to the following address before March 20, 2017.
Postal address: Mr. Ozgur Adana, Kultur Isleri Bolumu, Seferihisar Municipality Camiikebir mah.52/1 Sok no:1 Yeni Kültür Merkezi Seferihisar-Izmir Turkey
E-mail: oadana@seferihisar.bel.tr
7- The results will be announced on March 30th, 2017.
8- The original cartoons delivered to the committee, will not be returned to the applicants. The awarded and non-awarded cartoons could be published and used with cultural reasons by the Municipality. The applicants hereby accept these conditions. The cartoons will be preserved in Seferihisar Ani Evi (House with Cartoons).
9- The selected works by the jury will be displayed and published in the album.
10- The date of the award ceremony will be announced later. The awarded and the selected cartoons will be displayed in an exhibition in Seferihisar Ani Evi (House with Cartoon) starting at the same day of the award ceremony.
11- The special prize owners will be granted the accommodation and board expenses. The 1st, 2nd, 3rd prize owners will be granted travel, accommodation and board expenses. The person travelling with the participant shall cover the travel expenses by it’s own.
Toti Buratti
Gürbüz Doğan Ekşioğlu
Kamil Masaracı
Meral Onat
İzel Rozental
First Prize: One week accommodation in Euphoria Aegean Resort&Spa in Seferihisar (2 people) + Memorial plaque
Second Prize: One week accommodation in Club Resort Atlantis Otel (2 people) + Memorial plaque
Third Prize: One week accommodation in Teos Village Ecological Holiday Resort (2 people)+ Memorial plaque
Other Special Prizes: Special awards may be granted by various organisations.
NOTE: The jury will evaluate the submitted works on March 27, 2017.
Source: Seferihisar Belediyesi.


Similarity: Aytur Şahinbay 2012, Turkey - Jota A. 2016, Brazil

International Cartoon Contest Golden Hat 2017, Belgium

All persons over 18 years of age are eligible to participate in this international contest. Participants shall agree to the terms and conditions of the rules and the decisions of the jury. Belgian law governing withholding tax on prizes won by foreign participants applies.
Participation is free of charge. Deadline 31.12.2016.
A cartoon is a humorous drawing. This may be a caricature of a famous person, a parody of a real situation, or simply a picture of a funny situation. The cartoon may consist of one image or take the form of a short comic strip. No moving images allowed.
Participants are free to choose the theme of their entries.
Maximum 5 submissions per person, black and white or colour.
The cartoons must not contain text.
Drawings can also be made digitally.
They must be packaged flat and not folded.
Works under glass, framed or in other materials will not be accepted.
They must not have been exhibited in Belgium or awarded in other countries.
Digital entries: min. 2480 x 3500 pixels (A4 300 dpi). Allowed file types: jpg jpeg eps tif psd pdf.
Entries may only be sent by post after the form has been completed on the website and the form is enclosed with the entry. Dimensions min. 21 x 30 cm or max. 30 x 42 cm. The entrant’s name, first name and address must be written on the back of each cartoon.
Your participation is only valid if we have received your fully completed entry form on our website.
Entries are submitted at the expense of the entrants.
The selected cartoons wil be tramed with a passe-partout for the exhibition.
De inzender blijft verantwoordelijk voor de originaliteit van zijn werken. Discussies en eventuele vorderingen met betrekking tot alle vormen van plagiaat e.d. zijn ten laste van de inzender.
Door het feit van hun deelneming geven de deelnemers het recht aan de inrichtende vereniging om de inzendingen te gebruiken als promotie voor het 'Internationaal Cartoonfestival' en de badstad Knokke-Heist (bv. cartoonboek, catalogus, beeldarchief, publiciteit in de pers en andere media, afzonderlijk drukwerk zoals affiches, folders, enz... relatiegeschenk gemeentebestuur en/of organisatie cartoonfestival, kalender...).
A professional jury will make a selection from the entries for the exhibition and will declare the prize winners.
By participating, entrants grant the organizing body the right to use their entries as advertising for the “International Cartoon Festival” and the seaside resort Knokke-Heist (e.g. as cartoon book, catalogue, advertising in the press and other media, separate promotional printed works such as posters, leaflets, etc., promotional gifts by the city council and/or cartoon festival organizers, calendar).
In collaboration with “Davidsfonds” Leuven, a cartoon book will be published, subject to budgetary and technical constraints. Selected participants will be entitled to one copy.
Golden Hat 5.000 € *
Silver Hat 2.000 € *
Bronze Hat 1.000 € *
Audience Award 500 €
* + travel and stay in Knokke-Heist (max. 2 persons) during the opening weekend (one night).
Cultural centre Knokke-Heist vzw
Maxim Willemspad 1 , 8300 Knokke-Heist BELGIUM
Phone +32 50 63 04 30
cartoonfestival@knokke-heist.be .


IX International Caricature Contest Nosorog 2016: Best Painters / Famous Paintings

The organizer of IX International caricature contest is the International magazine for satire, humor and cartoons “Nosorog”. The contest is opened for professional or amateur cartoonists, from any country, any nationality, age, sex, or profession.
THEME: The World's best Painters!
Subtopics, subtheme: The most famous paintings!
First Prize: 300 euros + Diploma
Second Prize: Diploma
Third Prize: Diploma
(First, Second and Third Prize will be from category THEME !)
Five + Five ( 5 + 5 ) Special Diplomas ( for Theme and Sub-Theme )
Conditions of entry:
1. Technique: Any technique will be accepted
2. IMPORTANT: Please, write for each caricature which painter you present! Also, if you present famous paintings, please, write which one is presented.
3. Entries: maximum 7 entries will be submitted, in Theme, and 7 entries in Sub-Theme ( 7 + 7 )
4. Size of entries: A4, A3 format
5. Send your name, surname, address, country and the e-mail.
6. You may send by post or by E-mail
7. E-mail for sending art-work: nosorog.magazine@gmail.com
8. Note: 300 dpi resolution; JPG, JPEG format
9. If you send by post, address is:
Bosnia and Herzegovina
10. Note: Please, do not send originals, because we will not send you back!
Entry deadline is the December 25th 2016.
(Please write on envelope: PRINTED MATTER - NO VALUE !)
12. EXHIBITION: The exhibition will take place in the gallery of the National Library of Republika Srpska, city Banja Luka
13 - IMPORTANT NOTE - 1: In the event that the State, from which the awarded artist is, under international sanctions, the organizer is not liable if it cannot deliver the prize!
14 – IMPORTANT NOTE – 2: The Organizer of this Cartoon Competition has permanent troubles to deliver diploma or money-prize, if winner is from Iran! The Organizer is not responsible for that.
15. Note: Sender must be author of caricatures!
16. Jury members:
Mrs. Irina Iosip, visual artist, painter, cartoonist and Editor of "Salt and Pepper" magazine - Romania
Mrs. Leila Alaiy, professor of art, Tabriz Cartoon – Iran
Mrs. Svetlana Ceca Krstich (Krstic), painter - Serbia
Mr. Aleksandar Blatnik, painter, cartoonist - Serbia
Mr. Milenko Kosanovich (Kosanovic), cartoonist - Serbia
Mr. Milenko Mihajlovich (Mihajlovic), painter, cartoonist – Serbia
Mr. Branislav Boskovich (Boskovic), painter - Serbia
Mr. Miladin Berich (Beric), Editor in “Nosorog” Magazine - Serbs Republic /BA
Mr. Goran Kljajich, Editor in “Nosorog” Magazine ("Rhinoceros") - Republika Srpska.
We wish a good art-work and successful participation to everyone.
International magazine for satire, cartoon and caricature “Nosorog” (“Rhinocervs”)
City Banja Luka
Republika Srpska
Balkan, Europe
Source: http://nosorog-rhinocervs.weebly.com/ .


International Cartoon Exhibition SECAC 2016, Indonesia

SECAC (Semarang Cartoon Club) is a cartoonist community in Semarang, Indonesia. Our members hundreds of people. Our activity follows the cartoon exhibitions and competitions. This time we will hold an international cartoon exhibition. Your participation is highly appreciated all. Thanks.
Source: facebook.


2nd International Cartoon Festival 2016, Kosovo

KrAgiKozvak - Cartoon and Art of Kosova Association announces cartoon contest of Second International Cartoon Festival with theme "Humans and Technology". Cartoon contest starts from 26 August 2016 - 15 October 2016. You can find application form in https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3PSQHqGsNleR08tY1djWExpUGs/view and other details about KrAgiKozvak in https://kragikozvak.blogspot.com .



8th International Tourism Cartoons Competition 2016, Turkey: Future of Tourism

The theme of the competition in 2016 is Future of Tourism.
Cartoons will be accepted in two sections:
 Adult Category: This category is open for the all of cartoonists who are 17 and older. Category should be noted when cartoons are submitting. Grand award, second award, third award, Professor Atila Özer recognition award and three mentions will be given in this section. Finalist cartoons in this section will be published in the album.
Young Category: This category is open for the cartoonists who are 16 and younger. Category should be noted when cartoons are submitting. Grand award and two achievement awards will be given in this section. Finalist cartoons in this section will be published in the album.
Submission Guidelines
* The competition is open to all amateur and professional cartoonists.
* Each performer is allowed to submit maximum three works.
* The cartoons submitted to the competition may be prepared as original drawings, digital printings or computer printouts. The drawing technique is open-ended. Drawings may be colorful or black and white. On the other hand, performers are required to put signatures on their drawings.
* Participants must write their names, surnames and addresses behind their drawings. Also, they must complete the Participant Information Form placed under submission page and send it together with their drawings.
* Cartoons sent may be of the ones previously published somewhere but previously awarded cartoons are not allowed to submit.
* Cartoons submitted for selection will be able to be printed in Anatolia: A Journal of Tourism Research and Association of Tourism Writers and Journalists and in other printed materials of this organization such as books, catalogs, brochures, postcards, web sites and posters. All rights for any other publishing except these belong to the owner of drawing.
* The cartoons that will be selected after the first evulation will be announced between February 1 and 10, 2017. The objections will took into account between Februrary 1 and 10, 2017.
* Finalist cartoons will be published in the album. Cartoonists whose drawings published in this album will be sent a copy of the album.
* Regardless of award-winning or taking place in the album, all the cartoons submitted for selection will not be returned.
* All the cartoonists participated in the competition are implied to agree on the conditions and regulations of the competition.
* Cartoons can be sent by way of postal service or Cartoon Submission system.
* Submission deadline is 31 December 2016.
* The cartoons can be mailed to the below address:
Anadolu University,
Faculty of Tourism
Yunus Emre Campus,
26470 Eskisehir/TURKEY
More in languages on source.
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Similarity: Panayot Gelev - Huseyin Cakmak - Konstantin Kazanchev

Source: Jovcho Savov.
Huseyin Cakmak
1987 International Humourfest Cartoon Contest Album (Foligno, Italia)
1990 1st National Cankaya Municipality City and Life Cartoon Contest Album (Ankara, Turkey)
2002 1st International Molla Nasreddin Cartoon Contest First Prize (Baku, Azerbaijan).


Winners in the 22nd International cartoon contest, Haifa 2016, Israel

Winners for the main category - Urban planning in large cities, Heavy traffic, Crowded roads
The 22nd International cartoon contest - Haifa 2016:
Grand Prix by the Mayor of Haifa to Konstantin Kazanchev, Ukraine (Top)
Victor Hulob, Ukraine – First Prize
Kostenko Alexander, Ukraine – Second Prize
Li Jingshan, China - Second Prize
Vadym Shevchenko, Ukraine - Third prize
Raul Fernando Zuleta, Colombia – Third Prize
Oleksy Kustovsky, Ukraine – Fourth Prize
Andrea Pecchia, Italy - Special Prize
Sergey Sichenko, Israel - Special Prize
Yuriy Borts, Israel - Appreciation Prize.
The winners for the second Category - Free Humor
The International cartoon contest - Haifa 2016:
Silvano Mello, Brazil - First Prize (Above)
Dr. Jan Tomashoff, Germany - Second Prize
Anatoli Radin, Russia - Third Prize
Angelo Campaner , Italy - Special Prize
Liviu Stanila, Romania - Special Prize
Kostenko Alexander, Ukraine - Special Prize
Jordan Pop Iliev, Macedonia - Award of Appreciation
Vladimir Stefovic beluga, Serbia - Award of Appreciation.
This report by Ronit Eshet, The Coordinator of the cartoon contest - Haifa 2016.


Jaboatão dos Guararapes - Pernambuco International Graphic Humour Salon (SIHG-PE) 2016

​The works will be exhibited from 25th July to 21th August at 24:00, 2016.
The Jaboatão dos Guararapes - Pernambuco International Graphic Humour Salon (SIHG-PE) has the OLIMPIC SPIRITS AND ATHLETES as theme. The idea is to put at the centre of discussion issues related with the Olympic spirit, sports practice, health, well-being, healthy body and mind. Homage is paid to worldwide known athletes who have contributed to sports in all its categories.
The idea is to promote, through the cartoons and caricature contest, the reflection about Human Rights and about personalities who contributed with their ideas and thoughts to humanity.
a) Both, Brazilian or foreigners, amateur or professional, graphic artists in general may participate.
b) Each contestant can send up to 2(two) pieces of work for each category: cartoon or caricature, as long as they have not been awarded the price by the time they do so.
c) The candidate to enrol on this contest acknowledges being solely responsible for the veracity of the data and authorship of the work presented, being held liable on a civil and criminal basis, during or after the contest, if proven guilty.
d) Anyone working directly with the organisation, awarding committee and production of SIHG-PE is not allowed to participate, including and up to their second degree relatives.
a) Registration forms will be provided on the website www.sihgpe.com
b) The registration must be done exclusively via website.
c) The contestant must fill in a form for each category, attaching the corresponding pieces of work.
d) The pieces of work must be sent in A3 format (297 mm x 420 mm), horizontally or vertically, in JPEG, with resolution of 300 DPI.
e) The organising committee takes no responsibility for entries or work not received due to technical problems with computers, network congestion, communication failure, or any other factor that prevents the successful electronic entry.
f) The homologation of the entries will be published through the confirmation email.
g) The entry will imply accepting this rules and regulations in all its terms, including the deference of the final result of the contest and the items related to the destination and use of the drawings.
a) The pieces of work will go through a pre-selection process and the chosen ones will be shown at the SIHG-PE exhibition. The full list of selected works will also be published on the site www.sihgpe.com
b) The authors of the selected works will assign the copyright to SIHG to their use at the salon during the event and advertisement of the next ones. The prizewinner pieces may be permanently used for advertisement purpose of the current and future editions of the SIHG. In either case, it is not possible to charge for the use of the works, considering the selection and awarding criterion described in this rules and regulations.
a) The works will be exhibited from 25th July to 21th August at 24:00, 2016.
b) The selection of works will be on 27th August 2016.
c) The judgement of the selected works will occur on 10th September 2016.
d) The exhibition will take place from 11th September to 11th October 2016.
a) For the selection and prize awarding, the obeyed criteria will be: creativity, originality and pertinence to the proposed theme. The selection will be made by a judging commission whose decision must be accepted by the participants, with no possibility of being challenged.
b) The works sent to SIHG will go through two juries: a selection and an awarding one. The first one, formed by qualified professionals from the graphic humour field will select around 80 (eighty) works which will compose the exhibition and catalogue. Among these, the awarded works will be selected by the awarding commission.
c) From the selected works, 3 (three) will be awarded: one Grand Prix among all the works selected and a 1st place in each category.
d) The jury may choose up to two works from each category to be awarded an Honourable mention, which does not include a monetary prize.
e) Possible omissions will be remedied in due time by the jury.
a) The selected will be awarded the following prizes per category:
R$ 4.000,00 and trophy.
R$ 2.000,00 and trophy;
Honourable mention ................. Certificate.
R$ 2.000,00 and trophy;
Honourable mention ................. Certificate.
b) A total of R$8.000,00 (eight thousand reais) will be awarded in prizes.
c) All selected works for the exhibition will have their works published in the SIHG catalogue.
d)The winners will be announced on 11th September, 2016, upon the exhibition opening at 15pm and through the site of the event. The winners will be informed via telegram, phone call and/or email about their awards.
e) The winners will receive the amount of their prize within 40 days from the disclosure via bank account deposit.
f) The amount will be subject to the tax in force at the moment of accreditation.
g) In order to receive the amount of the prize it is compulsory to be a bank account holder in their country.
Samuca Andrade
Clériston Andrade
Bruno Alves
Source: sihgpe.


Catalog of the International Cartoon Competition on Community of Common Destiny for All

Received a couple of days ago the catalog of the 2015 International Cartoon Competition on Community of Common Destiny for All from China as being one of the Runner Up Prize winners. When I participated, I had no idea if they would publish a catalog of the competition. 21x28.4 cm in size, this color catalog of quality paper and print has 50 pages including the covers.
The International Cartoon Competition on Community of Common Destiny for All is co-hosted by China Daily and the China Journalistic Caricature Society and organized by China Daily Website and News Cartoon Website. The organizing committee of the competition received more than 2000 cartoons from more than 20 countries, including China, the United States, India, Denmark, Turkey, Bulgaria and Cote d’Ivoire.
The judges selected one First Prize winner, two Second Prize winners, three Third Prize winners and 80 Runner Up Prize winners. The main prize-winners are:
First Prize: Per Marquard Otzen (Denmark) (Top).
Second Prize: Song Chen (China), Zhou Xiyue (China)
Third Prize: Daryl Cagle (US), Mowfak Hussin Galy (US), Sun Shenying (China).


Catalog of the 21st International Cartoon Contest Haifa 2015, Israel

Received yesterday the catalog of the 21st International Cartoon Contest Haifa 2015, Israel. 16.5x21.1 cm in size, it is composed of 96 color pages, covers not included. The 15 members of the Judging Committee evaluated the 920 works submitted by 320 artists from 64 countries in two main themes: 1. Freedom of Speech, 2. Life in Multi-cultural Cities (The winners).
From Turkey, cartoonist Muammer Kotbas was a member of the Jury and the following artists are included in the catalog with their cartoons: Recep Bayramoglu, Erdogan Basol, Oguz Gurel, Cem Koc, and Salih Kutukcu (2nd Prize in theme Freedom of Speech).
My thanks to the organizers for sending me this great collection of cartoon art.


1st Int Cartoon Competition on the Freedom of Expression in Memory of Anna Politkovskaya

Organizers: Llibreria Papasseit and Associació l’Oliva (Programme for Human Rights)
Collaborators: PEN Català and Instituto Quevedo del Humor
Mass media partners: LaMarea and La Directa
Who can participate: Professional or amateur artists and illustrators over the age of 18 years old.
Theme: Graphical Freedom of Expression in Memory of Anna Politkovskaya
How to Participate: Digital or postal submission of artists’ own, original pieces of work
Funding: €700 distributed in 3 Prizes: 1st place: €400; 2nd place: €200; 3rd place: €100.
Deadline for entry: 31st August 2016
Postal adress and e-mail of job submission: Gran Via Carles III, 53, 5è – 3a. 08028 – Barcelona. / convocatorias@iqh.es
The “First International Cartoon Competition on the Freedom of Expression in Memory of Anna Politkovskaya” is a joint initiative between the Associació l’Oliva and the Llibreria Papasseit de Manresa bookshop, with the support of PEN Català and Instituto Quevedo del Humor (IQh), and the support of the magazines Revista LaMarea and La Directa.
The Associació l’Oliva is a charitable organization which works developing educational, awareness investigation and cultural projects across four large areas: peace, human rights, democracy and sustainable human development.
All six organizations have come together to run this competition, in memory of Anna Politkovskaya, on the tenth anniversary of her murder. With this competition we want to pay homage to those people who have defended freedom of expression and the freedom of the press in spite of attempts to silence them and make them invisible. The competition aims to be a tribute to journalists, writers, illustrators, bloggers, painters and other artists who have suffered persecution, too much, to the point of giving everything for unacceptable and unforgettable acts of flagrant injustice which continue to take place.
The defence of civil and political rights, and work so that their guarantee is a reality, necessitates and requires initiatives which bring these matters closer to citizens: raising questions; promoting reflection; generating debate and discussion; exercising rights.
1. This competition is open to participation from any artist in the world over 18 years of age, whether professional or amateur.
2. The theme of the competition is the freedom of expression and the press.
3. Participants can enter a maximum of three of their own, original pieces of work to the competition. These works cannot have previously won a competition.
4. There is no restriction on the format in which works are presented. The work can be created using any painting technique.
5. The work can be without words or in Catalan, Spanish, English or French. If another language is employed, the work will have to be accompanied by a translation to one of the indicated approved languages.
6. Entries must be sent by email to the address convocatorias@iqh.es or to the postal address:
Gran Via Carles III, 53, 5è – 3a.
08028 – Barcelona.
7. For those works presented online, they must be in .jpg format and a resolution of at least 300ppi.
8. The deadline for submissions is midnight (in Barcelona) on 31st August 2016.
9. The submission of work must be accompanied by a sheet containing the name, surname/s, postal and electronic addresses, contact telephone number and a photograph (or caricature) of the work’s author, as well as a brief explanation of their journey as an artist (maximum 8 lines).
The photograph or caricature, as well as their biography, may be used in the production of materials for education and increasing awareness of human rights once the competition has ended and may, therefore, be published unless a wish to the contrary is expressly stated.
10. Three prizes will be awarded.
• First prize of €400
• Second prize of €200
• Third prize of €100
11. The judges’ decision is final.
12. The judging committee is formed of:
• Salem Zenia. Journalist and persecuted amazigh author, refugee in Catalunya.
• Míriam Iscla. Catalan actress, T de Teatre co-founder. Currently she’s representing the monologue «Dona No Reeducable», inspired by Anna Politkòvskaia (by Stefano Massini directed by Lluís Pascual).
• Anna Roca. Designer and Art Historian, cultural promoter and Llibreria Papasseit cofounder.
• Somebody from the IQh.
• Carme Arenas. PEN Català’s president.
• Arcadi Oliveres. Economist, activist and member of various social movements in Catalonia that are fighting for peace and social justice.
• Mass media observers: La Marea, La Directa
13. Winners will be notified of the judges’ decision by email during September 2016 and it will later be published on the competition blog and social media.
14. The top 80 selected entries will form a touring exhibition and be used to create educational and/or informative and/or awareness materials as the organizers’ associations consider appropriate. The use of material in this way will always be accompanied by the name of the author, unless a wish to the contrary is expressed.
15. The electronic version of all entries can be visited in the virtual gallery which will be produced after the virtual competition spaces (https://humorgraficllibertatexpressio.wordpress.com) and social networks (on Facebook: Anna Politkovskaia in Memoriam and on Twitter: @InMemoriamAnna) and, if applicable, those of Llibreria Papasseit and Associació l’Oliva or their collaborators.
16. The institutions organizing and collaborating in the competition will be able to distribute and reproduce the competition entries without express permission of the author and without that presenting any obligation on the part of the author. The educational and awareness materials which can be created from the submitted work will be the intellectual copyright of CopyLeft. Any profits gained from these materials will be wholly reinvested into the continuation of the project.
17. The organizing institutions will resolve any query which may arise and is not covered in these rules.
18. Participation in the competition implies full acceptance of these rules.
Rules + Entry Form in PDF .
Weblog: https://humorgraficolibertadexpression.wordpress.com/
Source: certameneshumorgrafico .